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Creative minds, the power and vision to love something so passionately, that you recreate your vision in the real world. This is how successful stories start, today we have creaters of@cicoraipur- Khushboo Rathi and Priyansha Jaggi.

Here is their story narrated by Khushboo-

Oh it's a cute story!

So, I was planning to open the studio since I learned this craft, during my courtship I started working with just a kiln and small wheel from home.

But things changed after I got married, as it was tough for me to spare time and find space to work. However, one day in search for the space for a studio, I spotted a flat and bought it right away.

Meanwhile, Priyansha and I were already acquaintances through a local fair and she was too looking for potters place where she would get the chance to practice with ceramics.

Priyansha is a professional interior designer, but after falling in love with the sense of touch and sight of clay, she pursued pottery workshops in Bali and Andretta Art Valley, Himachal.

On 21st Jan of 2019, we started our studio together me as the founder and Priyansha as an integral working partner. We named our brand C.I.C.O which means ‘CLAY IN CLAY OUT’. It defines all we want people to know - to buy ceramic and learn ceramic or just enjoy the feeling of clay on thier hands.

Maybe now I have a studio and few years of experience in the potter's world , but as my route to this craft was rather abrupt and totally different from then my career.

As an Architect, I feel the process of making pottery is more immediate and visceral. This is why I am stuck in love with it, though there have been tons of failures, bad calculations, kiln disasters and many more issues.

Through our brand, we want to create awareness about sustainable living. We live in a time when most things can be made cheap, disposed of and replaced frequently. Hopefully, handmade items like ceramics can break this cycle, and reduce the amount of landfill created.

This is our story, our struggles and our success, however, we believe we have long away ahead.



Thank you @sisters and company for featuring us so beautifully.

Wishing you all the best for your venture.

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